"By commissioning a professional landscape designer you can ensure that your garden will be beautiful, meet the needs of its users, and flourish into the future"   


Every garden design is unique and seeks to reflect both the prevailing site conditions and the requirements of the client.

We enjoy forming relationships with our clients, and listening is a critical part of this process. Real value is placed on clear and effective communication so that the landscape design process is an enjoyable one for all parties.

Our goal is to create a balanced and harmonious landscape that is consistent with the local vernacular, and this may include:

  • Any built form such as outbuildings and sheds, pergolas, glasshouses, bridges, walls and columns

  • Garden design components including timber, steel and stone elements

  • Gardens with water features, rills, pools, and large format ponds

  • Specifying or commissioning garden sculpture and artwork, urn and pot ornamentation, and outdoor furniture

  • Planting that places emphasis on beauty as well as ecological precepts such as habitat and sustainability, and adhere to the mantra of ‘right plant for right place’

Landscape design factors might include:

  • Making use of borrowed scenery

  • Spatial considerations such as mass and void and perspective

  • Understanding whether symmetry or asymmetry is required

  • Applying principles of contrast to juxtapose material selections so that key elements can be emphasised

  • Planting design fundamentals such as repetition, proximity and form

There are innumerable other landscape design factors and considerations that can help bring a landscape to life. By commissioning a professional garden designer you can ensure that your garden will be beautiful, meet the needs of its users, and flourish into the future.   

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